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Meet Derrick: An Overview of Federal Sales at ServiceNow

“Federal space is interesting,” says Derrick N., senior solutions consultant at ServiceNow. A 15-year tech veteran, Derrick is in his first year working with federal civil accounts. He describes himself as a chameleon due to his ability to fill all the roles necessary to ensure that ServiceNow customers see the value of the company’s products.

In the federal space, taxpayers’ money finances the bulk of agency spending, so ensuring efficiency is a high priority. “We want the federal government and its employees to sit down and say, ‘ServiceNow is really making my job better. “I will do anything to make that happen,” Derrick said.

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Make work easier

Over the past year, Derrick has worked alongside the Department of Labor (DOL) on Creator’s workflow efforts. That implies citizen development-allow people with little or no coding experience to use ServiceNow Application engine to tackle mission-specific areas affecting federal agencies. It’s a whole new world for these agencies to see the power of the Now Platform and quickly release apps that make their jobs easier.

“The Department of Labor has leveraged App Engine to create a tool that connects federal and private sector employers nationwide with highly motivated students and recent graduates with disabilities who are eager to demonstrate their capabilities on the spot. working through summer or permanent jobs, ”Derrick explains. This is a critical area for DOL, he adds, and the agency has found a way to address it using the Now platform.

Collaboratively ensure a safe workplace

The Small Business Administration (SBA) is another agency that Derrick works with directly to promote adoption of the Now platform. “We’re building ServiceNow’s footprint there, and I really think the work we do for their IT groups will translate into the rest of administration,” he says.

SBA is commissioning ServiceNow Safe workplace suite. According to Derrick, the organization maintains thousands of vaccine certificates and is rolling out an enhanced version of the suite to process them.

Getting Safe Workplace to the finish line was a team effort, he adds. “The ServiceNow product team was instrumental in getting the SBA into production. The product team spent time with Derrick, the SBA and his partners to make sure things were set up according to best practices.

When reconfigurations or adjustments were needed, the product team made sure they were done in a way that didn’t add technology debt to the instance. The product team was flexible enough to say, “Hey, if the federal space has specific requirements going forward, we might have [the] resources to integrate them natively into the platform. ”

It took about a month from when the SBA started working on the product to complete. Now the SBA can say it has addressed the mandate of vaccines.

Build trust

The most important thing in Derrick’s job is trust. “Customers should trust us to properly align our products with their business needs, especially at the federal level,” he says. “I put a lot of effort into building relationships. This is my first year in fueled sales, and I think because of these relationships, I truly am the trusted advisor. We can really start building the adoption of ServiceNow in my accounts. ”

Learning our platform has been key to Derrick’s success. “Things move so fast here,” he says. “I need to stay on top of all the improvements we are making.” In the federal space, IT Service Management (ITSM) has been the default. Derrick and his team want to make sure the rest of the platform is a default for federal agencies as well.

Love what you do

Former UCLA professional tennis player Arthur Ashe once said, “Success is a journey, not a destination. The action is often more important than the result.

A former UCLA tennis player himself, Derrick lives by this mantra. “I really love my role, and I want to be a mainstay in my accounts and be that go-to resource,” he says. He has already referred two of his good friends to the company, knowing that they are in good hands here.

“I am really excited for my future at ServiceNow, and I have no doubts that I will make my mark here,” he says. He’s off to a good start. Derrick recently won the “Rookie of the Quarter” award in Federal Civilian Practice and is working to turn him into “Rookie of the Year.”

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