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Students Prepare for Next Career Springboard at UC Sales Expo | Features

The Sales Expo is a bi-annual career fair for business students to find their next job, internship or work-study program.

The Lindner College of Business at the University of Cincinnati (UC) aims to help business students gain as much experience with real-world businesses as possible. Thanks to Lindner, the Center for Professional Selling is a resource that aims to help students gain such experience. Students interested in sales careers take courses, use sales support resources, and attend center events, one of which is the Sales Expo.

The event takes place twice a year, once every semester. Many companies are stationed at the Sales Expo to recruit students interested in sales looking for internships, work-study programs and even post-graduation careers.

This semester, the sales expo will be held on September 27th. In addition to offering students a chance to find opportunities to gain experience, the event allows students to network with companies. Many students prepare for the event, prepare their CV to distribute and choose an appropriate dress code for their work, all in the hope of obtaining their next job, internship or work-study program.


Kayla Niklaus, second-year marketing student. Looking for her second co-op at the Sales Expo, she said, “This is the perfect opportunity to find a business that will match some of my career goals.

One such person is Kayla Niklaus, a second-year marketing student. “For me, the trade show is an opportunity to network with companies and really get a sense of who they are and what they’re looking for,” she said. “I’m looking for a summer co-op so this is the perfect the opportunity to find a business that will match some of my professional goals in my second co-op rotation. »

Niklaus shared how she learned from a previous co-op and plans to take her knowledge with her to the Sales Expo. “During my last co-op rotation, I made it a priority to be able to listen in not only to the weekly meetings of the marketing team, but also the meetings of the sales team, the design team and the sales operations “, she said. “That way, I can better understand where my passions and skills lie.”


Ava McDermott, second-year marketing student. About the trade show, she said, “It’s my first time to attend, so I’d like to network and make connections.”

Some marketing, sales, and business courses require their students to attend the Sales Expo. However, many students are required to go and take advantage of the opportunities. Ava McDermott, a second-year marketing student who is required to attend her women’s sales classes, said an “overarching goal that I have is to start feeling comfortable talking to recruiters and having conversations about what internships can look like at each company. This is my first time attending, so I would love to network and bond.”

Even if students are unsuccessful in landing jobs, networking remains a high priority for business students. Niklaus had a similar vision to McDermott’s. “I hope to learn more about the companies I’m interested in working for at Sales Expo,” she said. “I want to find a company that will allow me to explore all facets of its business.”